Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Omens and superstitions

I run a craft / textile class and recently we had to move from a building we've used for a long time and liked, to a building in a different area. It was necessary as money had to be saved and our new home is well run and pleasant. However since we started in January someone has been violently ill in class and another has wept. Alarmingly, I showed someone how to do a blanket stitch and I pricked my finger. I thought nothing of it until my blood appeared on the work. I've never bled on a piece of work yet. This person received bad news a few days later.

What a time we've had. What would a superstitious person make of that?

Although superstitious rituals weren't encouraged when I was growing up I am aware of them. I went to school with people whose parents were superstitious and who had rituals for all kinds of situations such as walking near ladders, buying purses or spilling salt.

As an adult I believe in omens and really wish I didn't. Sentences and images stand out and cause me concern. The work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez is informed by superstition. He was brought up with his grandparents who were extremely superstitious.

Perhaps in the past people made sense of life with such rituals.

Write a story about a drop of blood being spilled on something. You choose the situation.
The story can be funny, serious, dark, gothic, modern or historical.
What does the spilled blood signify to the people in the story?
What events are going on in their lives that seem more or less significant once the drop of blood has been shed.?

What words, phrases or expressions exist to describe blood.

Write a list of colours that might describe the colour of blood.

Read Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


superstitions and omens