Saturday, 7 June 2014

Hans Christian Anderson

I've just returned from a short stay in Copenhagen. I can't say how much it pleased me to be in a city defined on so many levels by its most famous storyteller. In Denmark he's referred to as H.C. Anderson and his statue and references to his stories are everywhere.

His life wasn't easy and perhaps his experiences shaped him into the off beat character described by many including Charles Dickens. He adapted old folk stories and gradually started to write his own. They are fabulous and it's clear to see why their appeal has lasted. Mythical and meaningful they are intended for adults and children.

Go to for a taste of his stories and insight into his life. Better still read some of his stories in full.

There is such wisdom to be found that is attributed to unhappy or difficult incidents he lived through.

Can you think of a part of your life that was difficult? 
Can you extract the main details?
Is there someone who was unhelpful to you during this period?
Is there someone who helped you?

Would the incident make a story?
What elements would you need to add to make it fairy tale like? (This doesn't mean it has to be sugary. It can be dark)